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Yangon Circle Train: The Ride Around

Yangon Circle Train: The Ride Around

. 2 min read

Do you enjoy riding around on slow-moving, rickety, old trains for fun? I sure do. But even if you don't, a ride on the Yangon Circle Train is worth checking out.

Yangon Circular Line Map.
A literal ride around town.

It's a great way to sit and observe local life as a ride on the circle train is the daily commute for many living in Yangon. Plus you finally have an excuse to just sit for awhile. The entire journey takes around 3 hours, and you can always get off and take a cab somewhere else. So there's really no excuse to not ride around for a bit.

Daily commute on the Circle Train in Yangon, Myanmar
Daily commute on the Circle Train.
IMG_4838 2
Foot stuff.
The Girl on the Train. Not featuring Emily Blunt.
IMG_5077 2
Passing Yangon countryside.
It gets crowded with people and with baskets.
IMG_5093 2
A woman preparing vegetables to sell later.
Circle Train-1-3.jpg
Waiting for the Circle Train.
Circle Train-1-2.jpg
I'M HAVING FUN. Are you?

-When: Go early in the morning around 6am for the most action. 6:10 is the first train from Yangon Central Station.

Amazing samosas by the train station.

If you miss the train, there is a teashop nearby that sells samosas. Probably the best samosas I've ever eaten. Actually, go there even if you don't miss the train.

-Price: 200 kyats which is around 15 cents USD

-Where: Board at Yangon Central Station at Platform 7

For other tips for visiting Yangon, check out this post.